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    • Block up to 99% of damaging U.V. light
    • Blocks solar energy by up to 82%
    • Protect your home, furniture and curtains from fading and sun damage
    • Blocks up to 94% of annoying glare
    • Increased privacy with dark tint film
    • Reduce heating and cooling costs, saving you money
    • Safety film stops glass shattering and helps stop injuries


    Cool Your Car With Car Window Tinting

    These days car window tinting seems like a requirement for most cars. Whilst may people get their cars tinted when they purchase from a dealer, there are still a large number of people who require after-market tinting. This refers to getting your car tinted after it has been purchased.

    There are of course a wide variety of tints and shades available. Generally the darker you go the more noticeable the cooling effect will be. And with the plethora of tinting providers and products available, as a consumer I am sure you have two questions:

    1. What Makes Good Car Window Tinting?

    • The answer to this question lies not only in the quality of the tint itself, but also the mode of application and the ability of the window tinter. For instance, you probably won’t be happy if you go to get some car window tinting and you find that around the edges of the windows there ae noticeable gaps between the tint and perimeter. This is what you want to avoid. It’s best if the tint is layered as close to the edge of the car window as possible, this will allow for the tint to block out the maximum amount of sunshine, and give you the best interior environment possible.

    2. How Long Will The Car Window Tint Last And What Quality Should I Go For?

    • As with most products in life, you get what you pay for. It is possible to see offers for $99 car window tinting, we don’t deny this. However, as a consumer who is handing over the dollars, the question has to be asked, what quality of car window tint will I be getting? Well, the answer is, not great. With a window tinting film you will notice that after a small amount of time the tint itself will start to fade and then wear away around the edges. Not only this, but with cheap window tinting the tint film will in time start to crack and peel off. This will lead to a lower customer experience and further need for another car window tinting session in the future. As such, at window tinting Brisbane we use and recommend films that are well renowned for their superior quality and length of life. Our tinters have years of experience with all manner of vehicles and as such bring this knowledge and experience to your job. In summary, we always suggect to go for a quality window tinting film, as you will notice the difference over time.

    Get Your Car Tinted At Tinting Brisbane

    By choosing to have your car window’s tinted by the profesionals at Tinting Brisbane you will be assuring yourself of a quality job with lasting results. So whether you have a small car or a large people mover trust Tinting Brisbane to get the job done right, first time! By using only the highest quality materials and having the highest quality tinters, you can rest assured that your car window tinting job will surpass your expectations.

    Call The Experts At Tinting Brisbane Today! 1800 772 745

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    1. Peter
      Nov 30, -0001

      Dear Sir,
      I want to know how much is it for car window tinting?
      The car model is subaru liberty.
      Best Regrades.nn1


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